Sakata / Yamagata

Sakata, Japan | MSC Cruises

A small tresaure full of colors and traditions

An MSC Cruise will take you on the edge of the fertile plains of Shonai, well-known for its cultivation of rice, in the Yamagata Prefecture, where Sakata rises.
The first historical references regarding this city date back to the Edo period (1603-1868) where thanks to the rice and sake trade, as well as the cultivation of the safflower, which was used in the production of oils and tinctures, Sakata became the second most important port in Japan. Nowadays, the city is still a very active commercial centre and it proudly shows off a collection of architecture pieces that is unique in Japan. Here, indeed, the merchants chose to distinguish themselves by building unique properties and enchanting public buildings for the community.
Just 10 minutes by bus from the station you can admire the 12 Sankyo storehouses, built in 1893. This is one of the most historic places in Sakata. Rice is still packed here and shipped to the rest of Japan and the rest of the world.

Cruises van / naar Sakata/Yamagata in 2024


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