MSC Divina is waiting for you in Miami, departure port for our Caribbean holiday. Weekly cruises run between Mexico and Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands, St Maarten and Jamaica. We will be taking to the seas from Florida for the whole of 2016.


Miami: a glamorous metropolis. Before embarking, stroll down Ocean Drive like a VIP, past the luxury shops and fabulous villas, or you may prefer an excursion to the Everglades National Park for a close encounter with crocodiles and pink flamingos.

MSC Divina departs from Miami and charts her course towards the Eastern Caribbean. The first stopover is St Maarten, perfect for a dip in the Simpson Bay Lagoon. Relax as you feel all your worries melt away into the cobalt-blue water. Back on board, continue your aquatic activities and take a hydromassage in the whirlpool looking out to the breathtaking panoramic views. Holidays are all about relaxation.

Our sea voyage continues to San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico. The scents and colours of the wild orchids in the El Yunque National Forest are as bewitching as the rhythms of the Caribbean. In the streets of the old town, not far from El Morro fort, performers and dancers sway to an irresistible beat, drawing us in. Fortunately, you can brush up your salsa and merengue dancing skills with a few quick lessons on board.

While MSC Divina sails on through the Eastern Caribbean, you can enjoy all the ship’s comforts. A Balcony Cabin gives you the space to gaze at the infinite horizon, just like all the great explorers who have charted these waters on their way to discovering the New World. The cuisine on offer includes a vast range of international dishes and local specialities made with delicious tropical produce. You may even find time to visit the Casino and try your luck at the roulette table.

For gaming thrills and spectacles, the casinos at Paradise Island in the Bahamas will exceed your expectations. It feels like Las Vegas, but lift your gaze from the betting tables for a breathtaking view: artificial lagoons teeming with sharks and enormous marine turtles bordered by colonial mansions and markets. Next are the irresistible attractions of New Providence Island, and time for snorkelling with the rainbow-coloured tropical fish.

The week will fly by in an instant, then back to Miami. For some of you it will be time to return to land, but not for those who have chosen to experience another week-long cruise to the Western Caribbean. An excellent way to maximise all the beneficial effects of a tropical holiday. And so we take to the seas again.

Sailing into the Western Caribbean, Ocho Rios in Jamaica, is MSC Divina’s first port of call. Swimming costume and comfortable, non-slip shoes. This is the “equipment” that the Excursion Office advises visitors to take with them onto the island of reggae. The “king’s music”, if Bob Marley’s claim to the origin of this word holds true, or raggedy as others insist: but rags or riches it’s not the reggae beat that will make you lose your balance in Jamaica. It’s those non-slip shoes that are essential for scaling the Dunn’s River Falls: 180 metres of waterfalls, jump-offs and natural pools. And there’s nothing like the pure fun of diving into the water. In the warm waters of Dolphin Cove you will find yourself playing with the friendly dolphins.

After this abundance of nature, a few hours of sailing provides the perfect opportunity for some beauty treatments. Your skin, face and hair are in expert hands at the Aurea Spa. It’s time to dress up and look your best for the gala evening.

If it’s beauty that turns your head, you’ll find the coral reef off the Cayman Islands a masterpiece of natural beauty. Its extravaganza of colours, marine flora and fish just below the surface of the water is a spectacle you can even enjoy from the comfort of a catamaran. If sports are what you desire, look no further than the white beaches of Grand Cayman. There are up to seven miles of jogging tracks along the shore. If you have been training on board MSC Divina’s sport decks, you may have the stamina to complete the course.

The Mayan civilisation is the cultural thread that runs through your visit to the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico. The archaeological area of Tulum is the site of El Castillo: pyramid, temple and fortress, it was dedicated to the “Descending God”, which may refer to the setting sun or to the terrible prophecy about the mysterious decline of this splendid civilisation. On the island of Cozumel, swim with sea turtles and sunbathe alongside the friendly and harmless iguanas. Sip tequila in a colourful Mexican village, find a last souvenir before coming back on board for the last stopover: the Bahamas.

It’s now time to return to Miami and then home. Happiness is tinged with nostalgia as farewells are made on MSC Divina – our travelling community on the Caribbean Sea. Enjoy your photos and the souvenirs you have collected along the trip, but you’ll find it’s the memories of the colours, scents, encounters and music that will evoke the most vivid emotions and remain forever etched on your heart. You can be sure of one thing: a return journey to this earthly paradise is a must.

MSC Divina’s home port will be Miami for all of 2016. This choice allows our travellers from all over the world to get the best out of their Western and Eastern Caribbean holiday, for whichever period of the year, itinerary or length of journey that they prefer.

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